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Our Prices

All Prices are a starting guide and may differ depending on the following factors:

  • Dog Size

  • Coat Condition

  • Style of cut

  • Behaviour

Please call us to discuss if you have any specific needs for your dog, or just wanting a guide price.

Nail Cuts

Nail Cuts £8


We offer de-matting for face and tail only, and this is an additional £10 on top of the original price of the groom.

Here at Barking Beauties, we want your dog to enjoy their grooming session with us.

De-matting causes stress and discomfort to your animal if the knots are tight to your dogs skin.

Matts can cause redness and irritation, and in some cases it can restrict the blood flow.

So if your dog is matted, the kindest thing for us to do is clip their coat off with a blade short enough to get under the matts so that the matting can easily be removed. If we feel we cannot de-matt, we will call to confirm if it is fine to clip your dog shorter.

If we are unable to get confirmation for a clip-off, your dog will be sent home unfinished, but we will still have to charge for the price of a full groom.

Please note: we only de-matt for a max of 15 mins, after this time we will call to get consent to clip your dog off.

Flea Treatment:

If you are aware your dog has fleas, please cancel your appointment 48 hours in advance. There will be an additional charge if fleas are found on your dog.

£15 extra will be charged on top of your groom cost. This is because we will wash your dog in a special flea shampoo and it covers our time having to deep clean and disinfect the entire parlour.


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